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x360ce v4 config file

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Hi, can't find where the new x360ce,exe save the config.ini file... anybody knows?

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Ditch that software and get a comparable controller that's compatible w/ Windows (10/11) like the XBox 360, XBox One and/or XBox Series; it's not worth the hassle. I haven't used x360ce since 2014 and I'm better off for it.
Thanks for the advice but I still prefer my playstation controllers, plus with x360ce I can customize buttons, cause in certain games that isn´t possible
You can still use a DS4 controller... Hell, I own 4x of them, but only one is being used as my main driver on PC. However, I prefer wireless connectivity so I use an official Sony BT dongle that I sync up w/ my DS4 controller and for the games/apps that don't play well with it, I use DS4Windows to counteract any incompatibility issues and I found it fairly easy to configure regarding its functionality. Earlier when I was recommending using the XB360 up to the XBox Series controller, I didn't want to complicate things so I was only offering the path of least resistance since they're compatible and automatically detected by Windows.
Nice I use ds4 too with a wireless dongle with my old ps3 controller, but I can't customize the buttons with it... Can u do it? what version u use? Thx mate
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