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X360ce doesn't recognise my analog triggers, but gamepad API does?

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I'm using the latest x360ce with the ViGEm library using an EMTEC Gempad (basically the same internals as a Nyko PlayPad, but actually laid out as a full size controller).

When I try to configure it over Bluetooth with x360ce, it reports as a 6 axis controller, but doesn't let me assign every axis. This is a problem, as the analog triggers on the pad are sent as these missing axes. I thought at first they weren't being sent as anything compatible, but looking at the Gamepad Test site to query the controller through that API, all the triggers are there and fully working.

What am I missing in the configuration step that lets me select these missing axes in x360ce - should I be using something other than DirectInput to query the controller, and if so, what?