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I'm trying to set up a local multiplayer on SFV using an arcade stick (mapped as a keyboard).
I'm using vjoy to create virtual joystick but x360ce don't work very well.

I have correctly configured the program and it successfully recognize the input but ingame it works only 1 out of 10...
Sometimes it don't recognize the game and after the launch it shift to the default x360ce profile, the "map to" section keep resetting so i need to reselect the number every time, after 2 or 3 attempts it usually works, but sometimes the game simply ignore the emulator.
I also have 2 360pad connected to the pc and i can notice that sometimes the "360 player 2 pad" is not working, so the emulator is using that port but VJoy pad input doesn't work.

I'm using x360ce v4 since v3 keep giving me a "vjoy error", i need to place this inside an Hyperspin cabinet so it need to work at the first try.
I have readed some guide online and no one seems to have my problem... maybe because i already have 2 xbox pad connected?
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