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X360 Controller Emulator taking over as Controller 1, making games unplayable!

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This is the 3rd time, I have managed to fix it the first 2 times but its been a while and I have since forgotten how i fixed it.

The issue is that for some random reason, probably when I shut off my computer, the EMULATED X360 CONTROLLER replaces my Xbox Series controller with ITSELF as Controller 1 instead of letting Xbox Series controller be, Controller 1. As to why it's allowed to detect and accept itself as a controller is beyond me. But it's becoming an issue, as the games I play do detect my Series controller officially, the PREmapped buttons just dont function properly at all, so I've been forced to use this emulator as a decent work around. I had never had any problems with it until getting about half way through Assassins Creed Brotherhood before the first time this happened. Then it happened again towards the end of the game, and now barely into Assassins Creed Revelations and now I can't continue the game.

Someone either help with a solution, probably the same one I discovered forever ago or please fix this entirely, as it's quite bothersome and troublesome. Thank you!
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