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hi iam using epsxe 1.6 and have Trouble with x-com2 Terror from the deep.

When the Intro appears ( a little video sequence ) i push on the Start button.
--> introvideo freezes
--> after some seconds i hear the Mainmenue sound but the freezing picture is still there, and some seconds later the intro starts again.

Im Using petes openGL driver 1.74 and have tried nearly every possible configuration within the plugin. but nothin worked.

So i thought u could tell me wat to do ?!

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i think the mips part references more the emulated psx cpus, and the psx instructions to emulate, rather than the device used to play it ;) .

Anyway, Huang, lyz raised incidentally a good point, we need more nifo about the machine you are using to emulate the game (specs like cpu brand, model and speed, ram amount, gfx card manufacturer, model and memory, etc), and the plugins set you are using and how did you configure them.
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