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WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2010

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SVR 2010 is working fine, no lags, no hiccups during matches. The only problem is the Story mode - all i get is a blank screen, doesnt start at all ....

all other match types, including ambulance match :D, works perfectly ...
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Try using No$zoomer and activate the EX, or change renderer mode. If all else fail, than maybe this game isn't fully supported yet.
ok i'll check now and post


wow buddy - U MADE MY DAY !!! it works perfectly - the story mode, entrances, all kinds of stuff..... Thanks again

works perfectly with No$zoomer
Thank Squall for making it easy to be accessed here in the forum. Not me :p
create a supertar road to wrestlemania

do anyone know why the game is freezing during the create a superstar road to wrestlemania week three?
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