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hey the xfiles is running on the moment no emulator is running it that good or not at is pretty amazing that adripsx is running it.however there are some small bugs.does anyone know any game that is not running on other emulators and is running on adripsx?

Another game that will run on Adripsx, but not on the current version of ePSXe is FF VII. The previous version of ePSXe will play it but the current version won't. Adripsx is supposed to play it perfectly. There are other games that run on ePSXe that do not run on Adripsx. Ms. PacMan-Maze Madness, PacMan World, and Army Men 3D are examples of this. It is interesting to note that both Adri and ePSXe will not run a couple of the same games. Dino Crisis and Doom are two that neither emulator will run.

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The games that don't work with AdriPSX:
Parasite Eve 2 black screen
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation some of the polygons are black
Medal Of Honor it doesn't load the missions completely
Silent Hill all the polygons are black
R4 Ridge Racer Type 4 serious problems in the polygons
Resident Evil 2 black screen
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis black screen

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actually , dino crisis does play in epsxe. but the sound of the speechs are to jerky
for some people it doesnt run because of a copy protection
go for
they have a crack for it protection

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the games i have tried.
wwf smackdown jackiechan stunt master
xmen mission impossible
thrill kill need for speed 2
kensei resident evil directors cut
dead or alive tekken 2
fatalfury wild ambition tenchu2
bloody roar 2 parasite eve2
soul blade gt2
psychic force5 ngen racing
silent bomber castrol superbike 2000
breath of fire4 shane warne cricket
kof97 wwf attitude
tekken3 ninja
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