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would this be good emulation computer?

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my computer now is running few games but i'm considering a new computer. would this be a siutable computer to run most games?

intel core 2 quad processor
1Tb harddrive
8gb ram
Nvidia GeForce GT230 with 1.5GB dedicated graphics memory
windows vista or windows 7

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64bit memory interface, and only 32 shaders.... It should be ok as long as you keep the resolution low.

unless it turns out to be a rebrand of the 9600GT, which isn't that bad.

According to previous reports that surfaced earlier this year, NVIDIA's GeForce GT 230 will come as a rebranded version of the company's current GeForce 9600GT graphics card. The card will be designed for the performance market and will most likely be slower than the officially announced GTS 250.
It'll work, I can't say how fast though.
by atleast 1.8x xD
well it apparently can get to 3.3Ghz :p
:p theres guides and the guys here are overclock guru's :p
4890 >.>.
unless its the 4 phase model, it sucks.
1 - 8 of 20 Posts
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