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would this be good emulation computer?

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my computer now is running few games but i'm considering a new computer. would this be a siutable computer to run most games?

intel core 2 quad processor
1Tb harddrive
8gb ram
Nvidia GeForce GT230 with 1.5GB dedicated graphics memory
windows vista or windows 7

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Wait, please specify the model for the processor, depending on the clockspeed and whether you're oc'ing or not, it might be smarter to get a high clocked Core 2 Duo instead.
Graphic cards will affect your resolution.... what res will you be playing at? if it's native that cards should be enough.
With $1000 I'm sure you can build an i5 platform with a nice video card, that is if you build it yourself.
here's a quick newegg can get you :

Your choice of components may vary (you might want to get a cpu cooler, or downgrade the vga a little, keep the i5 though), but for roughly that price you can get a much more powerful computer if you build it yourself...
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Fine, change it to whatever you prefer, I just did a quick click with whatever newegg suggested. :p
It's a rough start though.
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