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Would an x800 vdo card give a significant increase?

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Hi, I was just wondering if todays high end videocards such as an x800xt/x850 would bring a significant boost in fps.

Most of the people who are testing, are using 9200, 5900, 9600xt vdo cards. Those arent the best on the market right now. Giving out about 5 fps on average isnt great. I know most of the work is being done on the cpu right now, but with those dx9 plugins, there is some work being done by gpu's, so again my question is, would a high end video card boost the fps level to roughly around 15-25 fps on most games??
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Sorry, but as your computers cpu must do most of the work when doing emulation, most gfx cards haven't got any problems on keeping up with the emulation. So you probably get the same fps on ati 9200 and x800 :lol:
Yes, it would boost the fps. :)
But I don't think you could obtain 15-25fps average from a game that usually goes at 5fps (maybe you could get 8-10fps).
It is cos the emu itself must be processced by the cpu. And if you use Gsoft your card will be useless.
I wouldn't buy a new card only for using PCSX2. In the new versions of the emu with VuRec and RegCaching it will run faster with any card (I hope :heh: ).
In ingame 3D you'll see about a 1-2fps increase max...cpu is the limitation here not gpu
Ok, now id like to know if multicore processors such as the new p4's or the athlon 4800+, would benefit the emulation speed process.

I know its probably not implemented yet, but would it be difficult to do such a thing? And if it is possible, how much of an increase would you get with a dual core processor (twice the speed?).
I don't know much about PSX2 emulation but i'm going to have to say no. With multi-cpu your not going to get twice the preformance, more like 1.5 increase in performance at the most. I don't believe there is a version of pcsx2 that supports dual processors, but i do believe there is a 64 bit version but i wasnt allowed on the thread.
Triscope said:
how much of an increase would you get with a dual core processor (twice the speed?).
We will never know until they are for sale. ;)
well the p4 lga775 dual core is out already for roughly around 350$USD
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