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Hi all

Thinking of upgrading from my current setup:

P4 2.0ghz
1gb RAM (PC2100)
ATi Radeon 9600XT 256mb
ASUS P4PE-X (Which i think is an excellent motherboard)

To a PCI Express setup.

1. Is it worth upgrading from? Will i benefit much?
2. And if it is worth upgrading from then what should i be looking at? Would it be worth just doing the motherboard and graphics card (keeping the CPU and memory and keeping the cost down)?

Any comments welcome

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The graphic card is quite good, I think you don't need to upgrade it. If I were you I'd change only the CPU to Sempron or something, but I don't know, perhaps I dislike Intel too much ;) Anyway the answer to your question is simple: it depends what you are going to do on that machine for upgrading it for upgrading itself doesn't make any sense. I have Duron 1,3, GeForce 2 MX and 256 MB of RAM, this computer is almost three years old. But it is quite enough for me, I don't need a super fast machine as I mostly play on my PStwo or emulate PSX, SNES, CPS, CPS2, NeoGeo and other arcades which the computer has no problem with ;)

Heheh, if you have too much money to spend and don't know what to do with it, you can always send it to me :>

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Try getting a PCI-E motherboard that is SLI ready, then if you want to upgrade in the future just stick another gfx card in.
The Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe is a real nice board to consider.
Get an AMD athlon 64 and a 6600GT (SLI ready) and you should be good.

Hyuga, the semprons aren't too good for performance machines... they're in the same class as the intel celeron.
I was running a sempron 2400+ before and its really only good for internet browsing, office work... that kinda stuff.
Will run games OK but... going from a P4 to a sempron is a step down.

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i would suggest you go a64 then going pcie with a x800xl pcie at compusa for 259. be no point going 2x 6600gts SLI just to come close to one 6800GT. so i would suggest my setup, but if you perfer nvidia then you should beable to find a 6800GT PCIE around 315-350 at

or if you want to go with a 6800NU and mod it go for it but not all 6800NUs will mod, and i dont know which ones will mod.

for motherboard i suggest my motherboard its the best Ocer for PCIE. if you worried about what psu to use for NF4 chipset motherboards. look at my sig.

but i dont recommand SLI because its a waste of money just like when i dont recommand crossfire. for the price of 2x6600gt you could inup with one card thats faster.

my mobo is 135 at, psu i have is 91 bucks + 6.99 shipping, my card at compusa is 259 after instant rebate , my ram when i got it was 89 but it shot up to 103 bucks. you can get a 160gb HD around 70-80 bucks.

the 6800GTS PCIE at newegg ranges from 330 to 350, the 6800NUs if i remember right are 200-250 on newegg for pcie
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