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Worst Music for games?

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I picked up 1942 and 1943 for the NES today (What the Frag they were $1 each) but man, 1942 on a NES has HORRIBLE music. I'll grant the arcade "music" sucks, but on a NES cartridge they managed to make it worse! What the frag were they thinking?

At first I thought it was the 3rd party "NES" I'm using, the FC Game Console USA version, but then I tried it in Nestopia and AAUGH! The "music" is horrific. At least the game is fun to play, had I been playing the arcade version, I would have spent $1 on the amount I played on the "NES" version...

Still, some games just shouldn't even try to play the arcade music, particularly when it was bad to begin with!

My ears!

Are there any other such games to avoid like the plague? NES, any other systems as well? I know Pac Man on the 2600 is horrid,,,

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