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World Touring Cars

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:( Ive just been lent TOCA World touring cars and bummer of all bummers..I cant play it!!! There are no controls, ie cant use keys and/or the game pad.

Is there any plugins that cover this?? or any config advice??? what about even using a earlier version of ePSXe?? ( I use version v1.2.0 ). Ive tried various versions of Bios and all options (which basically involve checking the boxes and seeing what happens!!).

Really really really appreciate you guys and gals help..It looks a top notch game!!:eek:


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ahhh..yep yep..I manages to get it to that stage now...jusat as its loading up the craps out!!..

I guess its a case of take a copy, then wait until the next version is released and hope that it is!!..

Any idea if any other of the emulators work??
:mad: Just so that anyone else doesnt have to drag through all the other emulators, Ive just tried:- ePSXe (all available versions) as well as Connectix virtual game station (V1.4) and finally AdriPSX and all do the same thing..crap out when loading the track data. Wonder if this game needs a crack or a patch like some of the games do?? Shame as mentioned all works good until then...
Can anyone suggest a solution??...ppeeerrrllleeaaassseee
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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