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WoJ XInput Emulator, Free or Premium?

In this article I'll try to answer on this question.


In the most of cases Free version is enough, but there are few situations when Premium one is really can help you:
1) Game supports only XInput but for some reason grabs DirectInput devices as well, and it creates different kind of issues for emulation, e.g: double input, disconnections, no vibration.
2) Game supports both XInput and DirectInput, but it is not so trivial to create DirectInput config in the game itself and much easier to select predefined Xbox Controller option and use emulator, without double input.
3) Your gaming controller does not have a full-functional driver for Windows, like Google Stadia, Sony Dual Shock 4 or Dual Sense, Nintendo Switch Pro, but you need all the functions working, like vibration, touchpad and accelerator.
4) Free version does everything you need and you just want to support World of Joysticks project by donation.

Hope now all is understood.

Download Free version:

Premium version is sent by Email after donation with all the useful instructions.
Personal support is provided by Skype and AnyDesk, until problem is resolved.
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