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First off, i'd like to thank you guys for putting in the effort to develop this emulator, your doing a great job, keep it up.
I have a small suggestion, which might keep some of the silly questions at bay, perhaps have a list of games which are playable/semi playable within the emulator? you could even use it as a check list, where games are put in there with a list of current bugs, and these can be ticked off as they are fixed. People would see how much work you guys are doing, and also how far along (in terms of total playable games )the project is.
Anyway, feel free to ignore the suggestion, but keep up the good work

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first off it would be against the rules as you arent allowed game compatability questions etc on the forum.

plus the list would be constantly changing, and i dont just mean some games becomming playable, sometimes when they fix one thing, it messes up another, so playable games can then become unplayable.

It is much too early to be thinking about that just now, there will be big improvements in 0.8, but i think it'd be wise to leave it till version 1.0 before the compatability list gets going ;)
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