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won't run Jade cocoon and Final fantasy 8

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I got a problem...
I try to play Jade cocoon or FF8, but all i become is a black screen.
I read a lot of posts from many forums, and tryed all out, but it won't work.
always the same problem... only a black screen... but when i start Grant turismo or Digimon world, it works.
These are my plugins:

P.E.Op.S soft driver 1.18
Pete's D3D Driver 1.61
Pete's DX6 D3D Driver 1.61
Pete's Open GL Driver 1.61
Pete's Soft driver 1.38
Pete's TNT driver 1.9

P.s. Sry about my english... i am from germany :D
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Ach so, sorry, hab ich wohl überlesen. Dachte halt nur, weils genau das gleich Problem bei uns beiden war. Trotzdem noch viel Erfolg, dass es bald läuft bei dir!
was benutzt du für CDR-plug in?
kannst du mir nicht deine ePSXe version schicken? so wie du sie benutzt?

any idea what do now?
Black screen... can't see it any more...
Farzon has told you what needs to be done, if thats not working, then the image is incomplete.
Now i downloaded another version of the game, now it works!!!

THX for the help :D


do not ask for further support here because we do not offer help for anything warez related.

21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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