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PC gamers who own Xbox controllers can choose from a wide range of titles that offer support for these devices, but gamepads from other manufacturers are often left out. To solve this issue, you can rely on the WORLD of JOYSTICKS XInput Emulator Premium. This is ultimate solution for any HID USB gaming controllers:
gamepads, flight sticks, racing wheels, VR rings and others.

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Configurations out of the box:
Google Stadia gamepad with Vibration and Accelerator (cable), for any games (+ additional configuration for dual-play).
Sony Dual Shock 4 gamepad with Vibration, customizable LED and Touchpad (cable, USB dongle, Bluetooth), for any games.
Sony Dual Sense gamepad with Vibration, customizable LED and Touchpad (cable, Bluetooth), for any games.
Nintendo Switch Pro gamepad with Vibration (cable, Bluetooth), for any games.
Thrustmaster Dual Trigger 3-in-1 Rumble Force gamepad with Vibration, for any games.
Logitech Attack 3 flight stick, for Ace Combat 7.
Logitech Attack 3 flight stick, for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
Logitech Extreme 3D Pro flight stick, for Ace Combat 7.
Wamo Pro 2 gamepad (Bluetooth), for any games.
Speedlink Cougar Pro (SL-6631) flight stick, for Ace Combat 7 and for MS Flight Simulator 2020, with vibration.
Speedlink DarkFire (SL-6684-BK) racing wheel, for Forza Horizon 4, with vibration.

For any other devices (or games) just open the Assignment Wizard and configure your device during 2 minutes.
Emulator supports up to 4 emulated controllers, for multi-play (FIFA, Killer Instinct...)
Hides original devices from other software.
Supports Mixed playing mode with 1 emulated and 1 physical Xbox controllers.
Supports emulation of Single gamepad, for up to 4 VR rings.
Soft sticks with "Dual-Speed Axes" feature for precise aiming, switchable by any button, with Speech notifications.
Axes Deadzones per Axis with presets for all the Axes (manual precise calibration).
Can emulate Dual Shock 4 and Dual Sense Touchpad as Mouse.
UI Themes based on the selected color.
Vibration Converter, Autostart and Autoconnect.
Overlay information window for Joystick, CPU and GPU.
Overlay help window can help when you don't remember mapping info.
Supports ASUS AURA SYNC, RGB-Vibration for any gaming controller.
Visibility of overlay windows can be switched while gaming by pressing any 3 buttons together.
UI Languages: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Indonesian, Romanian, Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese and Korean.

See how it works in the MS Flight Simulator with Logitech Attack 3

See how it works in dual-play


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