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World of Joysticks XInput to XInput Emulator Premium v1.31

Bicycle part Crankset Rim Gear Circle

Enhance your Xbox controller:
Change sensitivity of sticks for your Xbox-compatible controller and remap broken controls.
It supports any XInput controllers (Microsoft Xbox Series S\X, Xbox One, Xbox 360,
Logitech F710, F310, Speedlink Xeox, any clones from China and others...)
Asus Aura RGB and MSI RGB effects on vibration from any game with any Xbox-compatible controller.
Works with games from Steam and other play-markets.

Main features:
1) Dual-Sensitivity feature with configurable switch-button and speech notifications about it on the selected language.
2) Remapping between any buttons, d-pad directions and bumpers.
3) Any buttons, Dpad directions and bumpers can be emulated as Triggers.
4) Remapping between any of 4 sticks axes.
5) Manual setting of Axes dead-zones.
6) Vibration from the game is transferred directly, as is.
7) Dual-Play (supports 2 xbox controllers).
8) Battery Information, according to XInput API.
9 ) Emulate Single Gamepad feature (from 2 xbox controllers)
10) Asus AURA and MSI RGB (vibration from the game as RGB LED effects) .
11) Overlay and other not related to input features were taken from the WoJ XInput Emulator as is.

See how it works
Play for fun:
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