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Wohoo! Second post! Umm, what do you think of the compatibility of all emu's?

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I think this new forum is pretty cool! Anyhow, what do you guys think of the compatibility state of VGS? I think it's the best, compared to bleem! (which totally sucks, BTW) and ePSXE (which is slowly rising to become one of the best PSX emu's, in my opinion). I wish they would update VGS more, though. It's a very cool application, with no sound-defects at all (great engineering-skills, I say) and very good software rendering. Anyhow, I'll end my rant here.
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Originally posted by LoRd_ByRon
Emu' just eat their machine selling profits!!!
companies dont make any money on consoles. most actually lose money. thats basically why sega stopped production on dc hardware..
dude, look around. sony LOSES money when they sell a ps2! have you read any of the documents at all? :eyes:
they make tons of money off of liscensing and they get a chunk of every game sold. if they didnt launch a new system then they couldnt compete and theyre game sales would be beaten.
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