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Wohoo! Second post! Umm, what do you think of the compatibility of all emu's?

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I think this new forum is pretty cool! Anyhow, what do you guys think of the compatibility state of VGS? I think it's the best, compared to bleem! (which totally sucks, BTW) and ePSXE (which is slowly rising to become one of the best PSX emu's, in my opinion). I wish they would update VGS more, though. It's a very cool application, with no sound-defects at all (great engineering-skills, I say) and very good software rendering. Anyhow, I'll end my rant here.
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There will not be D3D support for VGS... Never! the sony is a big bad money based company... the emulators eat's their profit... nintendo does the same thing... ( buu buu :( )
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