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Wishing everyone a very happy dipawali

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14th November is the Dipawali day.

I have it in my signature but here again I will like to wish everyone a very very happy and prosperous dipawali to all of you.
Do post how many of you know about this festival and how many actually celebrate it?

For those who dont know what dipawali actually is---

Ok,I tell you.It is the most important festival of Hindus but is celebrated by people of all the religions.It is called as festival of lights.
On dipawali night people light their houses with candles and there are lot of fire works.People buy new clothes and sweets.Its one of the most enjoying nights of the years.
People believe that on this day Goddess of Wealth "Lakshmi" comes on earth and whatever house it enters becomes wealthy.

Take care.
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Happy Dipawali prafull!

[note] although this is a clone post, is doesn't mean it's not true.
Happy Dipawali!

I recall the celebration when I was still in Indonesia...
Cool cross cultural exposure! Happy Dipawali Prafull!
So does that mean school's out on that day? :p
Originally posted by Keiichi
So does that mean school's out on that day? :p
Ya, and that too for 5 days.(two days before and after the original festival).;)

Neway 14th november is also the birthday of India's first prime minister Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru.So that day is holiday every yr as well (Its called children's day).But on that day there are functions and celebrations only in school.(Sometimes some students play teachers role in school).

*edit* thanks everyone for replying.
Seems you will have a very good time then prafull. ;)
Happy Dipawali!!!!!

Happy Dipawali prafull

Gotta love this cross culture...kinda what makes this board tick
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