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I'm setting up a wireless ethernet thingy in for my laptop with a Motorola BB160 Wireless PC Card, but it's asking for a bunch of numbers I dont know how to find. Under the ISP TCP\IP tab, static addressing option; it wants:

an Ip address [x]
a Subnet Mask [ ]
Default Gateway [ ]

and it says "Use these DNS Server addresses when they cannot be obtained from the DHCP" and it wants Address1 [ ] and Address2 [ ]

Under the ISP TCP\IP tab, Use DHCP option; it wants:

a Host Name [ ]

Under the ISP TCP\IP tab, Use PPPOE option; it wants:

an ISP User Name [ ]
an ISP Password [ ]

Now at any one time, only one of the three need to be filled in.

Under the Internal TCP/IP Settings, it wants

an IP address [x]
a Subnet Mask [ ]

Now this needs to be filled in all the time I guess, thats what it seemed to mean in the instructions.

I hope this is not to confusing, any help is much appreciated. If there's anything else you need to know or if you have no &^$*@# clue what I'm talking about, then I'll try to explain it better. Thanks and the little [x] and [ ] denotes if I have it filled or not, respectfully.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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