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wipeout3 problem

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hello! impossible to run wo3(PAL), the game crashes when the ship passes the blue line.I made an image of the cd with clonecd with subchannels disabled but no success.Can someone help me ...
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have you tried PSXeven or PCSX?
did you try some of those specal game fixes? many of them aren't just for the game they say they are.
same pb over and over again.

WO3 pal has a copy protection .
you need to find and apply a .ppf patch
or rip the disc with Clonecd (subchannel data included)
I ripped mine with CloneCD + subchannel data but it does the same thing...

Edit: Nvm! I found a working PPF patch! :D
ok i'm gonna try to find a .ppf patch and keep and will let you know,thanks.
where can i find .ppf files?
PM me for link, because on that site I know there are also some illegal software that we can't discus here...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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