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wipEout 'Reverb echo' missing

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Hello everybody and sorry for my poor english.

I've been reading us since last winter and I think it's time for my first post.

I own the game wipEout and use an image in order to play it in ePSXe 1.60 with Mooby 2.8 virtual cdr plugin. Everything it's ok, but I realized about a missing sound effect using the emulator.

This is the 'reverb echo' both in audio CD-DA and sound effects. If you've played the game in PlayStation you know that when you are driving the craft in a elevated circuit zone the song you are listening and the sound effects turns into a 'reverb echo'. That's very impressive and it's create a very good height atmosphere.

Well, part of this is missing in ePSXe. The sound effect turns ok into the reverb but the CD-DA song not. Anybody knows why? Maybe for playing it from an image?

I must say that I cannot play the cd-rom directly because in my new system there isn't a digital cable audio from cd-rom to audio card, and we know this is imperative in order to hear cd-da via CD-ROM in ePSXe.

Greetings and thanks in advance.
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fireblaster_lyz said:
Even an analog cable via a CD-ROM drive can hear CDDA tracks.
Yes, of course. Sorry.

I've adjusted the level sound in Mooby plugin at max, and... the CDDA songs during the game hear louder, but still missing that reverb in elevated circuit zones :(

I try "P.E.Op.S. DSound Audio Driver 1.9" with that settings and... nothing.

I'm wondering if that echo effect is only capable in original CD-ROM PlayStation device. Insteed of that I don't remember any other PSX game altering this way, for a while, a CDDA track.
Do you know any other?

Also I'm wondering... Do you know what I'm talking about? Sometimes is very difficult to me to express in english :( Did you notice about that sound effect and CDDA change when you play wipEout in ePSXe?

By the way thank you so much for the replies.
fireblaster_lyz said:
Tried running directly from the CD?
In my new system* there is not a cable from cd-rom device to audio card, so I'm unable to hear CDDA if I do that.

*Power supply be quiet! Blackline P4 dual fan 350w-S1.3.
Cooler Master Hyper 48. 1400rpm. CPU cooler.
2 case fan be quiet! Silent Wings 80x80.
P4 HT Prescott 550 3.4Ghz. LGA775 800Mhz.
MoBo Intel D915PBL.
On-Board Intel High Definition Audio 7.1
Infineon RAM 1024Mb. (2x512) DDR2 533Mhz.
Maxtor 6B200M0 200Gb. 7200rpm. Serial-ATA.
VPU Abit ATI RADEON X800XT 256Mb GDDR3. VIVO. PCI-express.
Philips DVD-ROM DROM5016L.
LG DVD-RAM GSA-4160B (dual, double layer).
Speakers Creative Inspire 5.1 P580 EAX.
Saitek P880 dual analog pad.
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I-Chan said:
though i'm starting to think that this is something that should be done by the plugin...
The curious thing is that echo effect is well activated/emulated in the in-game sound effects, but not in the audio tracks.
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