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I'm uable to play cdda music in Wipeout 2097 in Win2K. With cdda enabled the game stops loading after the init.screen!

Any suggestions?
(I tried the same settings with Win98 - and the music works fine!)

My system : W2K, P3-933, 256RAM, Radeon64DDR, SB-LIVE1024.

What I have tried:

a) Install the ASPI layer, .dll versions 4.60 (1021)

b) different sound plugins (incl. Pete's DSound 1.11, Pete's Midas 1.7, Null2 1.3, Andy's SPU 0.16, Internal SPU) --> no music.

c) Pete's CDR ASPI/IOCTL driver 1.7 --> simply not working at all! - the game won't start!

c) Make CDRWin ISO and use DAEMON Tools V2.80 (with digital audio enabled for phantom-drive) --> no music - This should work, shouldn't it??

I seems to me that no cdr-driver yet fully supports games with mixed cd-audio/game-sounds in W2K. However - I don't understand why Deamon tools won't work!

Thx for ya help, Mik

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Try using epsxe Internal CDR plugin. Pete's cdr plugin has come problems when playing CDDA under Win2k.
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