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WinXP and CD rom drive

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I cannot seem to get any cd's to play using epsxe in windows xp.... any suggestions?
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which plugin are you using? XP doesn't like pete's cdrom plugin and DVD drives
(It's reads with huge pauses that make it appear to not be working) and the
only other plugin that will work is the internal win2K .
I've installed the final XP Professional, and all of my plugins (including the cdr plugin) are
working fine on my system... that "huge pauses", as I've mentioned in the cdr version.txt,
are coming from a plugin-unfriendly cd audio handling in epsxe with nt/w2k/xp... you
have to turn off the CDDA sound option in epsxe to use external cdr plugins.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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