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hiiii :) I'm a VGS and Bleem User , i wanted to try the new epsxe 1.4 emulator they said it's gr8 but wait Winning eleven game is not running at all on it
I have a PIII450MHZ processor
Mother Board Giga-Byte 6BXc
256MB Ram
Creative TnT2 Ultra 32MB card w/Tv-out
Creative sound Blaster Live value
17GB HDD Seagate
Creative 48x CD-ROM drive
the game just loads the first two logos and then give a whit screen !!! :mad:
i have followed all the steps to configure it but now use .
I took and ISO image of the game and tried to load it but it stopped after the msg ( NTSC CD-ROM detected )
so i'm really so confused and need help
thanx for support and hope to find an answer ;)
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