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Winkawaks 1.52 Rom Builder ?

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Hello there,i've just downloaded the new version of Kawaks but it seems that it doesn't support any of my Neogeo roms.Is there any Rom Builder for Wikawaks??I've search and found one rom builder but it doesn't support Winkawaks,i've tried to build it for Nebula (thought that it would be compatible this way) but the file rom was fine for Nebula.Any ideas?
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About 90% of the Neo Geo roms in Kawaks are the MAME ones. Nebula, Kawaks and MAME use the same format for roms.
If you go into tools --> "audit romsets," this will create a file telling you all of the romsets and individual rom files that winkawaks recognizes, including their check sums. If your romsets have the same checksums, then it may just be a matter of renaming files.
ClrMamePro is an excellent ROM Builder, and it has datfiles for most arcade Emulators.

[]s Badaro
I've tried the same roms with a previous version and they're working fine,in the new version it asks for this file which most (if not all of the roms don't have it).After looking more to the files i think i found what's wrong.The neogeo bios files should be in the zip of the game rom,it appears that they aren't working if you have a zip file of the neo-geo bios only

Edit:Everything is fine,i had a bad neo-geo bios.I replaced it with an old one which worked with a previous version and everything seems fine.Thnx for the answers anyway guys :)
It's been a long time sinse I've played the Neo Geo games in Mame.
As far as I can remember they all the need the Neo Geo system rom files. :)

I can't remember if there are 1 or 2 but I definately do have them. (Sorry can't give them to you.)

I think it's the same in winkawaks although I haven't tested them with this emu yet.
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