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If someone would make a *perfect* OS then there would be no need for any other OSes.
For most of us Linux is useless. Linux is for professionals, windows is for home users. There's no sense in making an OS which is command line based when the users (especially newbies) don't know what commands they have to use. That's why Linux is crap for home users (it's for professionals as I said). OK, you can use xfree to get a gui similar to win but it doesn't higher the software you can and that's the main prob of linux: too less home user software (to my mind it isn't a prob but for some people it is). It improved greatly during the last years but it's still far away from windows.
Linux is a good a and a *really* stable system, no question about it but that's why it is for professionals.
Windows, has much advances, newer versions of it (Win2k and XP) are finally stable and have a quite good compatibility and (the greatest advance against Linux) it's able to run a lot more software.

Here's a good link about that topic:

This posting may seem as it is very pro windows but I'm not so pro windows as it seems I would use linux if could do all the things which I can do on my windows.

BTW: I used the word professional quite often in this post, didn't I?
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