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Windows 7: Annoying lags

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So I was under Windows Vista. Some weird problems were already happening: lags causing the system to freeze, or it would crash directly too. That was making it reboot. But it wasn't happening so often. Note I still had to repair Windows with the DVD when it happened. And it wasn't a virus: I had Avast! running all the time, and up to date.

Now, I switched to Windows 7. Clean installation, formatted my main HDD before installing Windows on it. Thought it was going to get me rid of the weird things described above: wrong. Quite often, one application (mostly Firefox/IE), or the desktop/taskbar stops responding for no reason. No abnormal CPU/memory usage or big HDD access registered during those lags. Sometimes it will make other applications lag. Can get so bad that the system reboots the computer. It happens rarely enough, but when it happens, in the best case, I have to wait for it do perform a checkdisk; in the worst case, I have to take my Windows 7 DVD and repair the OS, otherwise it'll just stay forever on the bootscreen, or reboot again and again. Each time the repairing process ended, I looked at the log: each time it said the filesystem was damaged. What the hell would have damaged it?

That's Really Annoying. I really hope someone can help me to find a solution for those problems.

And, last precisions, I have installed Avast! on my fresh Windows 7 and it's up to date. So I don't think it's a virus. I suspected it could be a hardware problem; checked, my motherboard does have the latest BIOS. But, upon boot, it first says "detect drives done, no any drive found", then reboots, and the second time drives are correctly detected and Windows boots normally.
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Sounds like your hard drive is dying. Same thing happened to me once. Random files got corrupted. You should back up your stuff to an external HDD.
I forgot to tell my main HDD was a SSD drive. I hardly see how such drives can be dying...
I forgot to tell my main HDD was a SSD drive. I hardly see how such drives can be dying...
SSDs go bad after so many writes.
I guess the issue is the SSD drive indeed. Had to repair once again: filesystem damaged once again. Since I'm getting tired of having to repair Windows every day, I'm going to try and install it on my other HDD which is a normal 160 gb HDD.
SSD's are still shaky. I'm getting one to experiment, but otherwise, id stick with a regular HDD
SSD's, like any other flash memory, have limited write cycles :(

So I reinstalled Windows on my other HDD. We'll see how it goes. For now it's fine...
Raid 0 2 fast ones though....thats real fun :p
It's a Patriot model, 64 gbs.

Anyway, you were right. My new, fresh Windows 7 installed on my 'normal' 160 gb HDD is working just fine. No weird lags. No crashes. No need to repair it every day.

Thank you so much ;)
Squall Leonhart wants to propose a firmware update.

Patriot Memory - Support

But he can't post due to... obvious reasons so I'm doing it for him (per request). :) And I'd second the firmware update as well. Current SSDs should be more stable than what you're experiencing.
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