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Still using CRT's? yikes!
The latest nvidia driver is 190.15, you need a modded inf to use it though, get it at laptopvideo2go. Try those first, its MOST LIKELY nvidia drivers, as they're still a slight bit immature.
I would suggest just getting a 120hz LCD. Theyre a bit pricey (around $300 for the viewsonic, the cheapest one out right now) I assume thats the only reason you still have a CRT, the refresh rate?
I still have a problem with nvidia detecting my monitor to run at 60hz, it instead runs it at 59hz which is kinda annoying.

Oh i forgot to add, The RC version is a couple of months old. Im running the latest version out right now, 7264, its around on the internet, i recommend it.
1 - 1 of 89 Posts
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