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Windows 2000 Professional and emus

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I just installed Win 2000 Professional. Is it me or some emus really get noticiable faster (like Kawaks, for example)? I'd like to read some comments. Thanks! ^_^
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Originally posted by CD
Depends on the nature of the emulators, really.

I doubt you'll see an increase in anything that uses 3D hardware, due to Win2K's poor AGP support. But ddraw stuff (like Kawaks) might see one..
Yeah, that's really what happens... like, in 3D emulation there's no change at all (and some apps even stop working, like Driver... at least on my system). But graphs based on DDraw suffered a nice but sutil increase of speed...

Too bad I'll have to keep sticking with Win 98 for other reasons...

> Ali
Hmmm... that's Windows' nature. It is stuck in the OS!!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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