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Early impressions (Build 22000.160):
  • Upgrade installation took quite a while. About half an hour I think with restarts.
  • Win10X start button is retained here. Lots of people hate it, but as some who learned to type launch apps in Win10, it didn't really bother me. In fact I quite welcome its default relocation to the center of the screen. Reduces a LOT of screen travel for large monitor users.
  • Search box somewhat snappier, finds the correct program based on frequency used.

  • The built-in web search is not as shitty when you need to google bing some facts quick.
  • They removed Timeline. I liked that function demmit.
  • App windows now permanently grouped on the taskbar. Personally don't mind it, but I know a lot of people don't like that.
  • Dark mode is cool, and Explorer doesn't look as shitty when it's turned on.
  • Rounded corners feel too Linux-ish. Needs an option to allow rectangle corners back.
  • Edge is still good. Reader mode works great with shitty news site that paywall. Typing has grammar check built-in.
  • The complaints that it takes more clicks to do things are somewhat true.

  • For example, here is the new Explorer interface. A lot of streamlining happened; most of the more complex commands are hidden while the available ones depend on context. Here you can see the right-click menu for image files has some commonly used image task, while most of the traditional menu items are relegated to the Show more options menu.
  • Another example is the change Audio output source menu that was easily accessible via the speaker icon in the system tray in Win10 is gone. No idea why they would do such a thing.
  • People are saying game performance is slightly less, but SSD performance is better. Not sure.
  • Notepad doesn't die when opening 1mb files. Progress.
  • Widget tray will be useless very fast unless Microsoft opens it up to third-party like they used to.
  • Overall, it's just Win10 with a new skin (?)
What's not working:
  • GameGuard. No PSO2NGS for you, but that's not MS's fault someone used a kernel-level anti-cheat. :(
  • Android apps via Windows Subsystem for Linux has not landed yet. This was supposed to be the Win11 killer feature, its absence is disappointing.
What to take note of:
  • This is an Insider build. Telemetry is the name of the game. If you don't want to play it, then don't bother installing (DUH)


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