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1) It's alpha, not beta.
2) It's quite usable, and decently stable, but it lacks implemented features, as it is a complete rewrite.
3) Best to stick with 2.xx if you want ID3 editing and such, should try WA3 when it hits the high-alphas, or beta...

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>screw plugins, is it good or not...
It plays MP3s fairly well, but in its current state the playlist is simply horrible. Of course, given that it's just an alpha version I suppose that's to be expected. This version's launch speed seems to be quite a bit greater, I've noticed.

As a number of people on the DeviantArt comment board have pointed out, you have to wonder just what reason there is for 3.x to even exist, as the 2.x series provides just about any capability you'd like for MP3 playback and functions it doesn't provide can be provided by plugins.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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