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Win98 backup on Win2000

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I'm starting to remember why I hate m$...

Here's the story, I had 98 installed, but I wanted to try 2000, so I used 98's backup and backed my hd and installed 2000. I had some problems with the 2000 install, some missing files, but no biggie, I had a qic file. I run Win2000's version of the backup thingy and it gives me crap. I research my problem a little and find that 98 back ups and 2000 one's are not compadable. My question to you is, is there some other backup tool that can do it? What do I have to do to get 98 back. Can I install 98 with out deleting my backup file, and then install the back up? 500 gumdrops to be paied by Al Gore appon demand to the (wo)man who can help me!
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