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WIN xp has a bad ass

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i said that "win xp has a bad ass" because many emu does not work on it like neorage ,vgs and n64 emus :dead: 18 win xp has a bad ass
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hmm..that still doesnt make any sense.
maybe you hit "new thread" instead of "reply" again?
anyhow, neorage and vgs at least have been discontinued so there really wasnt a way for them to develop winnt compatability. however, there is a "compatability mode" option that you might be able to get neorage to work with, and there are a couple win9x emulators that will run vgs in an nt based environment.

besides, "bad ass" usually means a good thing where i come from..
I had too many compatibility issues with xp as well...
yes, you DO get a more stable system...not so weird if nothing runs anymore :mad:
Well i havent' upgraded to Win XP yet, but I guess I have to do it sooner or later, but If I ever do, I guess I'll just run both XP and 98se in different partitions. That way any game/application not compatible with XP I'll just run in 98se. But it does suck that you have to resort to this kind of scenario..
Well having recently moved from 2K to XP I haven't had any major problems (apart from needing to fill out a form in order to get the correct AV program from the uni). Then again I'd overcome all the compatiblity hurdles last year. Still I would have to say anyone who has upgraded within the last year shouldn't have any problems (unless they are latched onto some really outdated software)
hey didn´t you think the bad ass is the software that can´t be played in xp? :p
Originally posted by SepHirotH OmEgA
hey didn´t you think the bad ass is the software that can´t be played in xp? :p
nope. It's M$' fault, THEY cause the incompatibility issues. :mad:
Nah, it's the fault of developers for not planning ahead for NT compatibility issues. Windows 2000 should have been plenty enough warning, but too many didn't do anything about it.
thats because the nt series were never meant for home use.
It is all m$ faults. It is impossible for those developers to plan for something that didnt exist. Poor.. poor.. poor.. developers..i pity u guys ...
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