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coopmaster said:
im not asking for it . i just wanna know will you ever get cuaght and i dont have any roms on my compter
first of all, the FBI does scans of your hard drive through various means like spyware and even through P2P (think it's just scanning for files to share...?). when they discover some illegal content they'll monitor your online activity and when it happens again, they'll send a team to your house to investigate you and there's nothing you can really do about it, because they will cite the Digital Protection Copywrite Information Act of 1998 and you're screwed.

then when they find that out, and they'll take you to court which you are not likely to be successful in unless you have a high powered lawyer in which case you may have a chance but that's really expensive.

so you go to jail where you'll have to face harsh initiation and probably get sodomized a few times a day. if you're lucky they'll just knock out all your teeth and force you to give oral intercourse 8 to 10 times a day. if you're unlucky, well, i dont want to even go there.

anyway, unless you like being raped by men or being in court, don't download roms.

and for god's sake why was this thread even open for longer than one post. this is moronic, idiot, and im proud to say i made it even more so.
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