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Will this be enough to play PS2 games?

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Hello. Its me again. I am sick and tired of you laughing at my PC so I decided to buy a new one :D

DDR2 2GB Ram
256MB video card - have not chosen the model yet


AMD Athlon Dual Processor 2.4GHZ

Will this be faster than now?

Btw, now I have 3.0 GHZ P4 lol
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Faster than what? from P4 it certainly is, but it'll still strugge at emulating ps2, mine was Athlon X2 @ 3GHz and the only games with constant 60 fps was 2D games, for most 3D it frequently dip.

If you haven't bought your new PC yet, I suggest to invest in Intel build instead, it is faster on PCSX2 and more overclockable.
I mean. now I have
p4 3.0 GHZ
1.5 GB of Ram
256 Video Card Geforce 6600

But now I have got the answer. So, you say that Intel Pentium is better and comfortable
Nope Intel Pentium is SLOWER, I mean Intel Core 2 or above, aim for at least E8400 if you have the budget.
k. Thanks for the info!
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