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Will I able using GeForce series card with Voodoo 5 5500 PCI

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Is any driver there for it???
Thank you for reply me.................
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Tricky one this. It is possible to have to video cards in the same machine since win 98. However you will need 2 monitors also, one for each card.

You would probably also have to select which card to output any games to. I don't know how well it would work as I do not have a dual monitor system.

I asume that you want this to get glide yes?
yes, that's what enigma wants
it was mentioned in another thread that got out of control and closed.

anyways, would be nice if anyone has tried this. i would like to know the answer as well.
betamax is correct.... you will need two monitors since you will have two graphics cards..... cool thing is though, you can play games on one monitor and use the other one to do something else..... Of course you may need a program to output games to one and other stuff to the other..... I remember seeing such a program for dual monitor systems, but alas, I have lost the link...... YOu could try a search for such programs....... You will also need to install drivers for both video cards...... since they are from different manufacturers, it won't be much of a problem.....
i believe a simple monitor A/B switch would do the trick. i mean for using one monitor for both cards.
am i correct?

but my main concern is conflicts. will having two 3d accelerator cards have any hardware or software conflicts? perhaps with only specific combination of a few brands?
Well, there was once a dual pasthru card that i had.. it was a third card that had two passthru cables, one for each card, then the video out... But that was back in the old days when 3D cards did crappy 3d, so you had a 2d card also...

Anyways, you could do it, just wouldnt recomend it... Would have a lot of monitor switching when changing your mind on what video card to use....
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