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Will 2D pixelation in Epsxe plugins be solved?

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I'm currently playing FF9 with epsxe and Pete's Opengl plugin 1.51
However I notice that as I increase the resolution, the polygons look better but the prerendered backgrounds look worse as pixelation increases with resolution. Which is the opposite with 3d this gives the funny feel that your character is walking on a painting and the feel of realizim drops. FSAA seems to cause lags and pauses at times and but bilinear filtering on 2d causes weird glitches to happen. So bilinear filtering for 2d is left out. Is it a solvable problem? 2D in its default res of 320 X 240 looks alot better but 3D polygons gets all the pixelations. Is any programmer here investigating on this problem?

Your replies would be appreciated.
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That's hard to fix unless someone decides to add some sort of super sampling technique that will increase the size of the individual images making them (hopefully) look better at higher resolutions. Bilinear filtering won't help much, because the resolution of the images will always stay the same. Perhaps I can do something, but it's not on my to-do list at the moment..
The GeForce 2 MX has great 2D and 3D image quality! :D
I do hope you know that image quality is ultimately determined by the graphics plugin. The video card just does what you tell it to do. There's probably some cards that have really bad 2D and 3D but I haven't run into them. Lewpy's plugin seems to be doing a very good job in visuals dept. I just hope I can follow his example :)
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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