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Will 2D pixelation in Epsxe plugins be solved?

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I'm currently playing FF9 with epsxe and Pete's Opengl plugin 1.51
However I notice that as I increase the resolution, the polygons look better but the prerendered backgrounds look worse as pixelation increases with resolution. Which is the opposite with 3d this gives the funny feel that your character is walking on a painting and the feel of realizim drops. FSAA seems to cause lags and pauses at times and but bilinear filtering on 2d causes weird glitches to happen. So bilinear filtering for 2d is left out. Is it a solvable problem? 2D in its default res of 320 X 240 looks alot better but 3D polygons gets all the pixelations. Is any programmer here investigating on this problem?

Your replies would be appreciated.
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The only solution I can come up with is prefiltering the prerendered backgrouds. Even then only so much blending etc. can be done to an improve the image. The most complex method of image pixel expansion is to use data fitting. This involves generating cubic splines that fit the curve of the pixel intensity changes. Depending on the expansion ration IE 2:1 3:1 4:1 the larger it is the more affective this technique is. It gives the best image but at a VERY high performance penalty.

Wen 320x240 expanded say 3:1 is 960 x 720. The advantage of a one time expansion on a background image is that it can be slown without really being anoying. Most other techniques require you to constantly update the background image with a new image. A single expansion is it. The big drawback with this is MDEC movies. With those there is not much you can really do. It's best to let those play pixely along since a simple linear expansion of the data is not going to slow things down much but adding FSAA will.

There really is no good solution to be honest. Since in all ways you are far exceeding the original systems capabilties. Especially in games like FF7 .. with the scrolling 2 D backgrounds you'll notice that well.. it's not as cool looking as it was at 320x240. Bottom line is there is only so much you can do about it other than making NEW backgrounds.

Hey NickK :)

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