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Will 2D pixelation in Epsxe plugins be solved?

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I'm currently playing FF9 with epsxe and Pete's Opengl plugin 1.51
However I notice that as I increase the resolution, the polygons look better but the prerendered backgrounds look worse as pixelation increases with resolution. Which is the opposite with 3d this gives the funny feel that your character is walking on a painting and the feel of realizim drops. FSAA seems to cause lags and pauses at times and but bilinear filtering on 2d causes weird glitches to happen. So bilinear filtering for 2d is left out. Is it a solvable problem? 2D in its default res of 320 X 240 looks alot better but 3D polygons gets all the pixelations. Is any programmer here investigating on this problem?

Your replies would be appreciated.
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You guys gotta check out my screenshots of RE2 on a voodoo 5 5500 with 4xFSAA using lewpys glide pluggin... 2d and 3d looks better than on a real psx and pc versions..... Check them out and you will be amazed by just how much a difference FSAA and the right resolution can make 2d look.. To lessen pixelations and maybe even hide it is to use resolutions that are a multiple of the original psx resolution... ie. 640x480 or 960x720... And it also depends on your video card... I have heard the Geforce2 mx has bad 2d image quality.. My voodoo 5 makes all 2d backgrounds look fantastic... using 640x480 or 960x720 res... You can also check out my shots of FF7.... The 2d is looking great in that game as well...
hey NickK..

show me a shot of RE2 or any other 2d game and let me check it out.. It may just be some versions of the geforce 2 mx... But at anandtech, they rated the 2d image quality of the geforce 2 as bad.. show me a shot... With and without FSAA...
the 2d looks pretty good..... :) there is still pixelation in the shots but the second shot looks pretty smooth... Whats the resolution you are running? Try running it at 640x480 or 960x720.. and use 4xFSAA... That is what I run my 2d games...
The reason why I suggested 640x480 or 960x720 is because these resolutions are multiples of the original psx resolution.. Therefore there is a no or very little pixel stretching.. Which in turn makes 2d sprites and backgrounds look smoother.. I have tried 800x600 but the 2d doesn't look smooth even with 4xFSAA.. but at those resolutions above, all 2d is smoothed out...
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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