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wild arms 2 problem

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i've just tried wild arms 2 on epsxe. How come the battle menu is blinking/flickering? Any solutions to this?
But when i press frameskip it stops blinking.
tnt2 m64 32mb
Pete's d3d
offscreen drawing: standard
framebuffer: gfx card buffer
no filtering
Alpha multipass on
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isn't anyone out there playing or has played wild arms 2?

sorry if you felt miffed because nobody answered.

okay, here's the deal, i finished this game with ePSXe 1.0.1 so i'm not sure if the settings are going to be the same for you. anyway, i didn't encounter any problem with flickering menus.

but let me make a stab at the problem. i believe it is because of the tnt2 graphics cards. i changed my graphics card recently and i noticed a whole world of difference. (tnt2 ultra to geforce mx)

the textures are filling out properly and flickering ceased to occur or if they did, occur in less games. now, i cannot be definite that it is your graphics card, so can you get a friend to try it out first to see if that is the problem and if it is, maybe it's time to throw out some cash for a newer card( the geforce 2(s) are rather affordable right now) or try lowering texture to dun care and using minimal extended offscreen drawing.

hope this helps :laser:
(Damned but i'm really dying to try out this smiley)
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Guwapings, I got your E-Mail and then I saw this thread. The reason that the Wild Arms 2 battle menu in VGS 1.41 flickers, when using the FF9 patch, is because it is being forced to appear. VGS really can not display the menu w/out the patch. But something in the patch enables it to show the menu even though it flickers. The ficker is a reminder that the patch is enableing VGS to do something that it other wise couldn't.
For the fiickering in ePSXe, I would say Sunstorm's explanation makes perfect sense. The battle menu does not flicker for me, but then I have a GEForce card like he has. The difference is mine is a GEForce 2 GTS. But still, the menu has never fickered for me. So, you might want to consider what he said to fix your ePSXe flickering and unfortuneately you'll just have to tolerate the flickering in VGS, since there is nothing that can be done about it. Sorry.:(
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thanks for the advices. I guesss i just have to buy a new videocard.
You should post which video plugin and what config you're using with the game so that people know what settings you're using that might contribute to the problem, and so that people who have the game working right can compare their settings to yours to recommend changes. I don't have Wild Arms 2 so I can't experiment for you, but taking a wild guess if you're using Pete's D3D or OpenGL plugin, try comparing the two offscreen drawing settings (standard and extended) and see if one of them cures the problem. You can switch between them from within the game by using the menu in the plugin.
hey thegriffin, I already posted w/c plugin and config i'm using. Yes, already tried messing with the offscreen drawing but its still blinking.
Enable Frame Skip with Pete Plugin help.
yes, i'm playing it now with frameskip enabled to stop the blinking. Its sometimes transparent smetimes fine.
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