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Ok my settings are

AMD K-6 550mhz
Pete's D3D GPU
Pete's CDR ASPI Driver
Internal epsxe SPU

Now my problem is: In the game Wild Arms 2, when I get into a battle everything is fine except for the area around the menu is flashing very fast. I tried to ignore it ,but I ended up with a headache. Any suggestions on what could be wrong? Oh yeah, and i'm running it from an ISO if that may have some effect on my situation.

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hey fiehead, i asked this question a month ago. I also have a tnt2 m64. They said it could be problem with the tnt2 m64 because someone replied saying that he has a gf2mx and he didn't have anything like this. I suggest turning Frameskip and fps limit on. I finished the game with it on.

mine wont even load

well i finally got ff9 going but now wild arms 2 just sits there and does nothing. if someone has it working i need to know the settings so i can play the game

AMD K-6 2 @ 500mhz
64 MB shared memory
Trident MVP 4 Graphics Card
Compaq DVD-Rom Drive 8-x
Windows 98 SE
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