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Wild Arms 2 in ePSXe 1.4.0

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When I start playing there's logo of the creator and producer, but after that, there's nothing at all. The game just froze. IF any of you guys what's wrong with this problem, please answer or maybe there's any suggestion about video or sound configuration, please let me know.
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There have been 2 successfull entries at PSX Fanatics

Both with 2 types of graphic cards...There didn't appear to be any special settings needed...We will test with our own copy if necessary...but try minor things like SIO IRQ enabled / disabled or SPU IRQ enabled / disabled

By the way..the folks here could aid you better if they have your system specs..

Embedded Video card..hmm...Wild Arms would require a 3D acceleration card such as Nvidia or Voodoo to make it possible...and one with at least 16megs of RAM for that matter...
You could most likely try a Soft GPU such as Pete's, P.E.ops, or Kazzuya's..but you will not get the 3D graphic effects..if it even runs at all...
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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