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hi all :)

as the title says, i got a problem with wild arms one, and i hope, anyone in here can give me some advice or help :(

i already tried google and the search function in this forum, but none of them was about my problem

the problem is, that when i come into the first cave, my game doesnt accept any keyboard inputs
right after you helped tony (a chara) to get the holy leaf, the rest of the village citizens comes into the cave and a small conversation starts
tony start with an opening sentence, and thats where the problems starts
you cannot press X to get to the next sentence
epsxe just doesnt accept any inputs (or maybe the game itself)
i can press every button, x/square/cricle... but i just cant get to the next sentence

i dont think that the game froze, cause the music is still running

i hope anyone in here can help me :'(
if you want to test it on you own, just create a new game
it just takes you ~10-15 minutes to get to this point, after you started a new game

thanks in advance
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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