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Finally I reached menus and ingame. But sadly you can't do that with latest revisions. Anyways ingame graphics (fighters' geometry) is corrupted. All you need to do is this:

1) Download my SSBB compile at SSBB official thread (hehe it's not useless)

2) Download save file I provided and put it in the save game folder MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service (can't upload it right here something is broken)

3) Before starting the game uncheck Wii Progressive scan.

Now on official thread's form


Runs pretty good, full speed in menus

Recommended Settings:


-Dual Core: Enabled
-Idle Skipping: Enabled
-Dynamic Recompilation: Enabled
-Optimize Quantiziers: Enabled


-Wii Progressive Scan: Disabled


no special settings to mention

Wiimote plugin:

-Nuchuck Connected: Yes (for emulated Wiimote)

I'll keep you on topic when I get proper graphics and post you additional settings.

Screens (last screen shows corrupted graphics)

(Shots made by Fraps)

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EDIT: it looks like if you disable Optimize Quantiziers you'll get proper graphics. Ingame fighting is 10-15 FPS (slow) but I can't play this game on latest revs because it hangs after showing "Loaded". I'll post some screenshots.

Some ingame screens with proper graphics

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