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wii what i need to know?

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so last console i bought was a xbox, i dont know anything about wii at all:lol:.
i was going to get one tomorrow. is there anything need to know before i buy, firmware.. or something else etc. etc. i dont have any emulation knowledge other than mame, but of course i'd like to put whatever emulator i can put on the machine and anything else, whats the best chip?..thanks any the help.:thumb:
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Right now there's rumors about a new drive that blocks hard and softmods. For emulation, you should be good. If you want help with homebrewing just ask. I homebrewed many wii's. It's better to get a used one. Save money and no new drive. Try and for homebrew+emulators. :)
A new DVD drive? I'm a bit confused, I thought the software mods were via software, couldn't you just add the data to an SD card and bypass the DVD drive?
No, it's hardware, like the new 360 drive.
See here : New Nintendo Wii drive (aka D3-2) -
We're talking about DVD disks though right? or does it somehow stop you from having the homebrew channel as well?
Yea. All it affects are backups. Nothing else.
Thanks for the clarification.
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