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[Wii] The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

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The next and final installment to the legend of spyro series. It works great and alot faster than its predecessor.
There are a few graphical bugs that i am yet to sort out, but none the less it works :)
The graphical bugs are not present during ingame gameplay but intro sequences, title's and cinematic scene's in the game. The ingame graphics look great and are much improved from the previous game titles :D

Status = Ingame

The graphical glitches during the cinematic sequences are similar to other games i have tried, most recently for me, the conduit.

Another bug present in the game is the awful audio SCREECHING the continuosly occurs during the game. So be advised to have the volume on low :p

I have also found like TLOS: Eternal Night is that this game doesnt work on may revsions. Its working on SVN 3674 for me and can be played with an emualted or real wii and nunchuck combo.

Game: The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

PAL Version



HLEBios = True
UseDynarec = True
UseDualCore = True
DSPThread = True
SkipIdle = True
LockThreads = True
DefaultGCM =
DVDRoot =
OptimizeQuantizers = True
EnableCheats = False
SelectedLanguage = 0


Progressive Scan = False
Widescreen = True
PAL6 = True

[Open GL]

All default settings :)


Enjoy the pics and if anyone remembers how to fix this bug in games, do tell. I've had a lapse in memory :p
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video is aslo on the wii video's thread

(you need a nvidia card that is an 8 series or higher to get rid of the GFX issues)
(ATi users, i guess a 4500 or higher...honestly im not sure)
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