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I got the one of the most waited jap Wii release: Taiko no Tatsujin.
It works veeeeery fine, FPS is perfect, there aren't any buggy graphics and the controls are working fine. And you can even go throw the tutorial and character creation without problems! :yawn:

Sadly, the game frozes when you try to choose a song or load a profile which, obviously, is necessary to keep playing. Anyway, when you do that the loop song on the background keeps playing and all the background and characters keep moving, it just don't load the rest of the game. Which is very bad since the game looks to go so well all the way.

Once, when I waited a lot the loading, I received the message "Read from Invalid memory region (0x4e800128). There is no way to recovery from this error, so Dolphin will now exit. Sorry!". But it didn't happen anymore.

I hope there is a way to fix this bug. :heh:


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